I investigated Slotjoint and here are my findings

If you haven't heard of the Little Old Lady and the Bank of Canada President joke; then go ahead and Google it. It would give you a rough idea of how ingrained punting is to the culturality of this country. This and perhaps smoking pot and eating cheese curds on top of fries and gravy.

Dining with the Angel of good fortune, or sleeping alone, flat broke after burning one's life savings in a casino, is a matter of political debate. The ups and downs can be weighed in, depending upon which side one's playing for. But, for the sake not detracking, let's jump to the main intention of creating this page, which is to find out why "SlotJoint" and "online casino" have become so synonymous in the vocabulary of thousands of Canadians.

For those who "still" haven't heard of them, just have a fun tour of their website first; register, login and then make your way back here - only if you wish to. Their casino also has a mobile web app that has over 50 online slots, three blackjack games, two baccarat and roulette games each.

So, to get the clear picture of what this brand is really like, we went out on the streets in various cities, and surveyed close to a hundred people. Then, depending upon their occupation, earnings, articulation abilities jotted down three clients of SlotJoint.

"I have actually never been to a real land casino in my life. In fact, I didn't gamble that much to begin with," said Harjot Kaur; Manager at Pizza Hut in Brampton, Ontario. "If it weren't for my friend who got me into this, I'd never go anywhere near it. Now, I can't stop depositing $100 to $200 every weekend at SlotJoint."

The immigrant community in Canada has been specifically impacted by the slot machine wave. Betting activities of any kind are prohibited in countries like India.

"Someday I want to stop. But, not today," ending with a sigh in her tone of voice.

SlotJoint doesn't make it easier for its players to quit either. Whether it be John Coleman's Microgaming, Therese Hillman's NetEnt or a myriad of other partnerships; something is always lined up. The addictive games keep popping up week after week. The buzzing sound of the slot bells don't seize.

Jane Bisset, an Area Manager at IKEA Group had a more belligerent response. "Ha, don't get me wrong. I'm not the one to loathe over my habit of betting away my salary on blackjack tables. I welcome the challenge, and I can afford it too.

"My friends are sometimes like 'Oh look, she needs to get therapy. She's just wasting her life and money away.' I'm not going to say sorry for being me. Nope."

Study papers on this subject, uploaded on PubMed reinforce this belief. For example, taking charge and full responsibility of one's actions may actually help reduce the guilt trip; one of the most common causes of depression that many gamblers face after losing a considerable sum on slots.

"Chose SlotJoint after going through at least a dozen review sites. So, don't think of me being naive. I know what I'm doing," Jane said ending the conversation, with a confident look on her face.

The neon lights of Las Vegas, evidently, have found their way to every nook and cranny; from shareholder board rooms to restaurant kitchens, it seems every other person wants to hit that lucky spin.

"Playing poker at a professional level is something I have been involved in over the past 5 years. What I'm searching for is support provided by real local humans through live chat and telephone, not robots or some outsourced foreign guy 10,000 miles away. Those 40, 100 or 150 free spins, no deposit bonus codes and other crappy low value childish reward programs don't attract me. SlotJoint knows this," pointed out Kyle Lind from Winnipeg, Manitoba; a senior banker at BMO Financial Group.

"My friends in far-flung countries like Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand all have accounts there. There is a Hong Kong-based multi-millionaire Chinese client of mine, who plays Keno and Baccarat all day long," Lind explained, with a slight grin on his face.

"I don't mind me being called a high roller, as long as their live roulette dealers living in Costa Rica keep up playing fair. Integrity is expected out of them, and that is what they deliver. Personally, I don't care if they aren't locally regulated," he added further.

SlotJoint's parent is regulated by the Government of Curacao and operates under the name, Northern Entertainment N.V.

"The public is always cautioned to show restraint. Canada has tough laws on online gambling. We don't want anyone to get hurt," said Maggie Gorgiev, who is a Gaming Registration Officer at The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and gave us a phone interview.

"It's enticing, I know. Search engines like Google need to seriously work on blocking websites, that offer gaming platforms in places where local regulation is mandatory. Same goes for the affiliates that promote them," said Maggie in a stern voice.

Canada has well-defined rules and regulations for this industry, but hurdles of the "government red tape" makes it harder for the entrepreneurs in this space to seek inspiration. Dorothy Schuweiler, who is an Administrative Assistant at Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority, tends to disagree.

"It's not so much the blockage at the administration level, but steep costs required to build up a sustainable setup that addresses the safety concerns of the gaming board; and at the same time gives out ample leeway to the operators to be competitive against offshore entities.

"Things aren't perfect. But, rest assured the Canadian government will always keep the longer term interests of its citizens its top priority. We'll not compromise on that," she said.

"Eventually, the balance will tilt towards regulatory tightening, and this would mean better opportunities for businesses that have the financial means to hold the fort," Schuweiler revealed, before ending the phone call.

We wanted and tried hard to get in touch with the top management at SlotJoint, and were finally able to get a comment straight from the horse's mouth.

"SlotJoint Casino would never encourage anyone to break local and international laws. Our sole purpose of existence to fill the void, that has been left out by the semi-retarded and unwarranted regulation superimposed by the local authorities," said Liam Bale, Senior Vice President of Northern Entertainment N.V. who is originally from Alberta.

"Canadians are not stupid or are afraid of the bizarre gambling laws. They are smart, strong-willed, and worthy of much better options. We're partners with dozens of software providers, and have thousands upon thousands of slot titles in our catalog. SlotJoint has been online for nearly a decade now. As long as we have the trust of our customers, we are going to stay put.

"Our clients matter to us the most. I have been in this industry my entire professional life, have witnessed hundreds win tens of millions of dollars. Frankly, for now the plan is to hopefully see thousands more," concluding his thoughts.

One cannot help but wonder, what lies ahead for this rapidly expanding brand. Whatever it is, SlotJoint sure knows the ins and outs of the game.

Well, that's just about it. If you do end up opening an account with them; just don't go overboard, splurging cash left and right - unless you're not short of money, because that would be a different story, downright. So, try to rein in your horns, whenever you're playing online slots using real hard-earned money; that's pretty much what I can say for the finale of this write-up.

That's a wrap. Bye.

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